Low Tide Tidings & Retiring the podcast

Dear Friends, I so love the more extreme tides of winter! Though I have not been doing ocean sports lately, I have still been enjoying walks on the coast. They are so meditative and gorgeous, and help me find peace and process life. Yesterday, Tara and I went on a low tide exploration in theContinue reading “Low Tide Tidings & Retiring the podcast”

Episode: Building Community Through Surfing

Dear Friends, I am so happy to share this new episode, filmed some months ago but still fresh! I loved chatting with John White of Waves4All, the group that I and several Spellers go surfing with. He has built an amazing community for adaptive surfing and it is a highlight of my month to joinContinue reading “Episode: Building Community Through Surfing”

Autumn Sharks

Dear Friends, Today I had an amazing snorkel at the Marine Room with Tara and Shay! It was fantastic. So many leopard sharks! My stamina is improving, and I felt more confident exploring on my own, though I know Tara and Shay were watching out for me. It was my first time snorkeling with Shay,Continue reading “Autumn Sharks”

Caves and cliffs and just us

Dear Friends, Today was another great snorkel! We went out early at La Jolla Cove, to a high tide but gentle waves. It was so gorgeous and vibrant. We saw so many Garibaldi and several sea lions swam by us. But the highlight was swimming around the eastern point to a line of caves andContinue reading “Caves and cliffs and just us”

The Ocean & Us: Sharing the Energy of Waves

Dear Friends, Welcome to the updated The Ocean and Us! I am so proud of our new focus, and so proud of our original episodes as well. We are starting off our renewed series with and interview with my friend Joshua Greiner. He is a fellow Speller, and also an active poet and surfer andContinue reading “The Ocean & Us: Sharing the Energy of Waves”

Sea Lions on Parade

Dear Friends, We are shifting the focus of The Ocean and Us to be more about adaptive ways of interacting with the ocean! We have new interview episodes coming up starting next week. And I will still be sharing my own ocean journey! Speaking of, yesterday we snorkeled La Jolla Cove. I was so tiredContinue reading “Sea Lions on Parade”

The Ocean & Us Ep9.3: Making Conservation Work for Whales

Dear Friends, Presenting part 3 (of 3) with Dr. Jo Marie (Jom) Acebes of Balyena.org in the Philippines! She shares about the importance of considering human well-being in conservation (with an example of ray fisheries in the Philippines), her hope for the future (including the importance of youth using social media), and plans for Balyena.org!Continue reading “The Ocean & Us Ep9.3: Making Conservation Work for Whales”

Snorkel Log: Sharks and Rays and Guitarfish!

Dear Friends, I am so loving my weekly snorkel outings! I am so lucky to live somewhere with such incredible marine life. I am also lucky to have the support to get out and swim with it! Here is a clip from this week’s outing. So many sharks and rays and guitarfish! It was soContinue reading “Snorkel Log: Sharks and Rays and Guitarfish!”

The Ocean & Us Ep9.2: Making Conservation Work for Whales, cont’d

Dear Friends, Presenting part 2 (of 3) from our fascinating chat with Dr. Jo Marie (Jom) Acebes of Balyena.org in the Philippines! She shares about the conservation status of some marine mammals in the Philippines, and the challenges of trying to reduce the threats to those animals. I so enjoyed chatting with Jom and learningContinue reading “The Ocean & Us Ep9.2: Making Conservation Work for Whales, cont’d”

The Ocean & Us Ep9.1: Making Conservation Work for Whales

Dear Friends, Well, at long last, we have a new episode to share! It has been such a scattered year, and we are still learning how to manage our complex schedules. Tara will say it is her fault, but it is more like she is so overextended! I am just so grateful that she canContinue reading “The Ocean & Us Ep9.1: Making Conservation Work for Whales”