I am a very verbal person.

I am a very verbal person. Many of us autistics are. Yet we are often called nonverbal. In reality, we are just non-speaking. Without the obstacles of expression, we are able to share our beautiful thoughts. Many of us are gorgeous writers. My writing strives to shine a light on our wonderful, troubled, and inspiring existence. I write to express my humanity and understand the world. That is my gift. I hope you enjoy it!


New Leo in Bloom Post on Mental Health

Hi Friends! Mental health is such an important issue, including for nonspeaking autistics. I will be writing about this more on Leo in Bloom, and my first essay on it is just posted here!


Dear Friends, Wow. I am 36 today! It has been the most amazing year. Beyond my still newly accessible words. But I want to express my immense joy for your friendship and support of my astounding journey so far. I am only just beginning! Love, Danny Years by Danny K. Whitty So all my allContinue reading “Years”

New York Triptych

Tara and I had an absolutely fantastic trip to NYC last month. This was our first trip with just the two of us, and so it was a huge milestone for me. We were a bit worried about my regulation, but I usually am so captivated by travel that I am generally more regulated whileContinue reading “New York Triptych”

Father’s Day & Grief

Today I think of my Papa as I most love to remember him: My best cheerleader! He was so full of vibrant joy and optimism, and so enthusiastic about our little routines. He staunchly defended me at all times. He was delighted by our friendship. He made me feel worthy of genuine interest. He wasContinue reading “Father’s Day & Grief”

Words With Friends

I wrote a blog post on friendship and communication for I-ASC. I hope you enjoy it!


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