I am a very verbal person.

I am a very verbal person. Many of us autistics are. Yet we are often called nonverbal. In reality, we are just non-speaking. Without the obstacles of expression, we are able to share our beautiful thoughts. Many of us are gorgeous writers. My writing strives to shine a light on our wonderful, troubled, and inspiring existence. I write to express my humanity and understand the world. That is my gift. I hope you enjoy it!


Dealing with a lot!

Dear Friends, I have had some absolutely exciting opportunities and achievements pop up lately! But this also stirs up all sorts of difficult feelings as well, like fear of failure and sadness over time lost and stress. Our brains are so funny! So I wrote a few poems today about all of this. This oneContinue reading “Dealing with a lot!”

Leo in Bloom, Aug 2022 Issue

Dear Friends, This is a reminder that I have an online magazine Leo in Bloom about nonspeaking autistic experiences, including my own. We just wrapped up August’s issue on the theme Blooming into Communication, and I hope you are able to peruse and enjoy! Your Friend, Danny

We are us

Dear Friends, I am so glowing from Motormorphosis! Wow! I want to share a poem I wrote about how it felt to be in such an accepting community in person. This was my first time at a large public event centered on nonspeaking autistic folks, and it was such a space of understanding and comfortContinue reading “We are us”

Leo in Bloom: Blooming Again!

Dear Friends, I am so thrilled that our project Leo in Bloom has been reborn as a platform to feature nonspeaking autistic voices, with a new theme every other month! We just wrapped up our first month in this form, on the theme “Advocating as Nonspeaking Autistics.” It featured contributions from several of my impressiveContinue reading “Leo in Bloom: Blooming Again!”

The universe is learning

Dear Friends, I wrote this poem yesterday to try to sort through my feelings and swirling thoughts. It helped to share with my friends at Neurolyrical Café this evening. I share them with you now. Your Friend, Danny — The universe is learningby Danny Whitty I.What the world is coming toComing fromAnd going toWill itContinue reading “The universe is learning”

New Leo in Bloom Post on Mental Health

Hi Friends! Mental health is such an important issue, including for nonspeaking autistics. I will be writing about this more on Leo in Bloom, and my first essay on it is just posted here!


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