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I am a minimally- and unreliably-speaking autistic man. I have recently been able to share the wondrous world in my mind through Spelling to Communicate (S2C). Here you’ll find my words on autism, social justice, life and love, and joy. Of course, I am happy to hear feedback.

Please enjoy!


Curtains Up

Dear Friends, Maybe you have heard of the new film MUSIC by Sia. It has been distressing me for a while now, but it was too upsetting to think or talk about. Now that I have read more about it and seen the trailer, I am even more appalled and disgusted and hurt. It isContinue reading “Curtains Up”

The Ocean & Us Ep3: Bright Future for Myanmar’s Coasts

The future looks so bright for Myanmar’s marine conservation community! Join us as we learn from the passionate and brilliant youths of the Myanmar Coastal Conservation Lab at Point B Design + Training! Yin Yin and Wint Hte share their lessons from their ambitious and wonder-filled work to bring marine conservation to other youths andContinue reading “The Ocean & Us Ep3: Bright Future for Myanmar’s Coasts”

The Ocean & Us Ep2: Hero of Malaysia’s Marine Mammals

We talked with wonder woman Dr. Louisa Ponnampalam about her inspiring work to study and conserve Malaysia’s marine mammals, the underdogs that are Indo-Pacific finless porpoises, the need to share knowledge with all, and how she manages to do it all! Learn about her team’s work here and on Facebook!


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