I am excited to offer my professional services in the form of paid writing, speaking and presenting engagements, teaching, and project advising. Please contact me with inquiries!


Writing is my passion, and I am so thrilled to be a published, paid author. I offer nonfiction and poetry writing services.

My work has been published in Bon Appetit Magazine, EatClub Magazine, OpenTable’s blog, and I-ASC’s blog, with contributed writing to the book I Will Die on This Hill by Meghan Ashburn and Jules Edwards and an excerpt in J.B. Handley’s Underestimated. I have a poetry chapbook in press, available in early 2023.

Speaking & Presenting

I am eager to share information, perspectives, and hard-won lessons about the nonspeaking autistic experience to diverse audiences. I prepare engaging presentation files, including transcripts, to accompany my speaking (reading of my prepared remarks).

Previous experience includes: interviews (unpaid) by That Au-Some Book Club, The Autism Stories Podcast, and The Uniquely Human Podcast; video presentations (unpaid) for SpellX 2020, 2021, 2022, as well as co-hosting a showing of SpellX 2020 live; my own podcast, The Ocean & Us Podcast; and a paid presentation on “Difficulties with Words in Education” for the Nurturing Neurodivergence Programme.


I love teaching – both about the nonspeaking experience through advocacy and outreach, and sharing information and knowledge with my fellow nonspeakers. I have co-taught 2 courses through Transcending Apraxia for Spellers: (1) Introduction to Poetry, with Dr. Brian Laidlaw; (2) Art History of 20th Century Abstraction, with artist & former art handler and art conservation technician Shay Sampson.

Project Advising

Inclusion and consideration of the dignity of nonspeaking autistics is often lacking, in part because our experiences and perspectives are still poorly understood. I have worked as an advisor to various projects to provide insight on how to better include, respect, and consider nonspeaking autistic folks.

Experience in this includes: sensitivity reader for the children’s book More Than Words; advisor for the education guides for The Reason I Jump film; contributor to Neuroclastic’s Music Media Toolkit; and the ACES Talking To Doctors project.

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