Caves and cliffs and just us

Dear Friends,

Today was another great snorkel! We went out early at La Jolla Cove, to a high tide but gentle waves. It was so gorgeous and vibrant. We saw so many Garibaldi and several sea lions swam by us. But the highlight was swimming around the eastern point to a line of caves and cliffs. It was my first time getting so far in that direction and wow! Was it stunning! And it was just Tara and me there, among all the fishes below and seabirds above. It was so majestic and solemn and otherworldly. I can see why it is one of Tara’s favorite spots in the world!

I am trusting that you will take my word for it, since Tara has had a super busy week and forgot her water cameras! Here is a photo of me scoping out the conditions before, one of the same cliffs from another outing of Tara’s, and one of me enjoying a hot tea from the newly opened Parakeet Café across the street from the Cove. New episode coming next week!

Your Friend,


One thought on “Caves and cliffs and just us

  1. Thank you Danny for sending me a reminder of that beautiful place, and of living life to the fullest. As long as I lived in San Diego, I never did snorkel there!


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