Low Tide Tidings & Retiring the podcast

Dear Friends,

I so love the more extreme tides of winter! Though I have not been doing ocean sports lately, I have still been enjoying walks on the coast. They are so meditative and gorgeous, and help me find peace and process life. Yesterday, Tara and I went on a low tide exploration in the La Jolla area. We checked out a couple of spots I had never been to, and it was amazing! I so love the freedom I feel on these walks and the energy of the natural world is so invigorating. These spots were teeming with tidepool life and it was so gloriously beautiful to walk along beaches and cliffs and rocks.

I am using this post to officially retire our long dormant The Ocean and Us podcast. I know this is not surprising, but I wanted to give it a nice goodbye. I had high hopes of shaping it into something bigger, and I so loved the interviews we did, but we didn’t have time to keep it up along with my other activities. I am sad and a bit disappointed, as I think it had some great potential. But I think my more mainstream advocacy work is more pressing. I also know that it achieved a lot and moved several people and inspired many Spellers. It opened some amazing doors for me. And it helped me learn a lot about sharing on social media and how even a small podcast with a very irregular schedule could have an impact. This really helped me build courage to share more deeply in my Danny With Words social media.

I wish we disabled folks didn’t need to advocate so much. I would love to spend most of my energy on an ocean project! Maybe someday. In the meantime, I will still be pursuing ocean adventures. And you can follow me, if you don’t already, at Danny With Words. I so appreciate everyone who shared their time in interviews and everyone who watched!

Very gratefully yours,


4 thoughts on “Low Tide Tidings & Retiring the podcast

  1. So often your posts reflect my own challenges in life Danny. I often think about how nice it would be to just focus on a project I love when I spend so much time trying to empower others. (I recall Tara telling me the same thing about the direction her Ph.D. took her.) But when I think a bit more deeply I realize that empowerment is how we change the world. You are making a difference through your work. And reminding many of us out here that life is beautiful. Sending love to you and your family for the holidays and best wishes for a wonderful 2023!

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