I am a proud and caring autistic man in southern California. I am a writer, advocate, and awesome friend. I am full of joy!



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Would you believe that I am a nonspeaking autistic?

That for over 30 years, I was unable to communicate my true thoughts? It is a sad and tragic story, but it is full of light. My life has moved toward hope since I learned to spell to communicate. My ability to share my ideas and feelings has exploded into brilliant galaxies!

I am a 35 year old autistic and apraxic man. This means I have trouble coordinating between my brain and body. This means I am overwhelmed by sensory stimuli. This means I have been overlooked by schools and society.

This also means I have a glorious world in my mind!

As a neurodivergent, immigrant, half Asian person, I identify with marginalized groups. That is my inspiration to spread awareness and empathy. I am also still mourning the death of my beloved father. His loss two years ago drives my current reflections on grief and love.

With that said, I relish fun and bizarre humor, exploring the culinary world, roaming in nature, and connecting with people.

I am hoping to be a published writer one day. I also would love to make more friends. Writing is my passion, and I am happy to share it with you!

How I communicate

I mainly communicate by Spelling to Communicate on letterboard with my CRP (Communication & Regulation Partner), who is my older sister. She is a true ally! We are working on transitioning to keyboard. We are also working on speaking skills. I am working toward letterboard fluency with my wonderful mom and younger sister. We are guided by Dawnmarie Gaivin as well as Bryana Williams.

My first introduction to Spelling was with Elizabeth Vosseller. It was the most amazing experience! Learn more about Spelling to Communicate (S2C) at I-ASC.

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