Announcing My New Shop!

Dear Friends, I am beyond thrilled to announce that my online shop is now open! I am so excited to share my poems and other creative ideas with you in this new way! It is so meaningful also because my opportunities for earning money are limited, and even though I don’t anticipate earning muchContinue reading “Announcing My New Shop!”

More struggles but also more insight

Dear Friends, At the risk of being a habitual downer, I am once again coming to you with my woes! I had a glorious and joyful Christmas, but then it all unraveled a bit in the days after. I was so compulsive and felt like my body and mind were on hyperdrive. I couldn’t sleepContinue reading “More struggles but also more insight”

All the rain

Dear Friends, Happy New Year! After feeling amazing during Christmas, I have been very out of sorts for a few days. But I wanted to share this poem. It was written about days like the rainy ones we are having this week in San Diego, washing away 2022. It is a summary of a bigContinue reading “All the rain”

My Year in Review

Dear Friends, Wow, I can’t believe the year is coming to a close! I bet I am the only one who feels that way. I had felt very scattered for much of the year, but now I feel so proud of all I have done and so content with how the year went. This wasContinue reading “My Year in Review”

The Day After Christmas

Dear Friends, Happy holidays to all who observe! We had a wonderful Christmas with beautiful outings, delicious food, fantastic gifts, and lots of relaxation. I felt so resilient and joyful, as a much needed contrast to the weeks prior. This was such a relief! This year I bought a new living Christmas tree for myContinue reading “The Day After Christmas”

Low Tide Tidings & Retiring the podcast

Dear Friends, I so love the more extreme tides of winter! Though I have not been doing ocean sports lately, I have still been enjoying walks on the coast. They are so meditative and gorgeous, and help me find peace and process life. Yesterday, Tara and I went on a low tide exploration in theContinue reading “Low Tide Tidings & Retiring the podcast”

Trying to trace the past

Dear Friends, I am feeling so much better! Recently though, my OCD has flared up especially around trigger foods. This is distressing because I am trying to work on being healthy and the compulsive gorging sabotages that! And I am horrified that sometimes I even am driven to frantically snatch food from the trash. TodayContinue reading “Trying to trace the past”

Poem: Our brown bags with colorful tissue

Dear Friends, Thank you so very much for your kindness with my last post. I am coming out of it, though still feeling very rundown. But I was able to have a lovely day out with Tara a couple of days ago. I had been feeling so low about missing out on the pre-Christmas spirit,Continue reading “Poem: Our brown bags with colorful tissue”

Tough Times

Dear Friends, I have been really struggling especially the past weekend. When my dysregulation takes over and kicks my OCD and panic response into high gear, I feel like a monster. That is not an exaggeration. I was truly disruptive in ways that caused distress to my family. I don’t know how many can reallyContinue reading “Tough Times”

My Friendship Wish

Dear Friends, I have been having a tough time since Thanksgiving. I am so trying to figure out why! It seems to happen on the holidays, even though I love them. I am so tired because of it, though thankfully I seem to be calming down. I got to hang out on Zoom with someContinue reading “My Friendship Wish”