The Ocean & Us Ep9.1: Making Conservation Work for Whales

Dear Friends, Well, at long last, we have a new episode to share! It has been such a scattered year, and we are still learning how to manage our complex schedules. Tara will say it is her fault, but it is more like she is so overextended! I am just so grateful that she canContinue reading “The Ocean & Us Ep9.1: Making Conservation Work for Whales”

The Ocean & Us Ep 5: Listening to the Seas

Welcome back to our journey! We are so thrilled to share our conversation with a very special guest. Dr. Elizabeth Henderson is a Bioacoustic Scientist at NIWC Pacific who studies cetacean behavioral ecology and vocalizations and analyzes how noise (mostly manmade but also environmental) impacts their behavior. She is also the proud Best Buddy of a Mr. DannyContinue reading “The Ocean & Us Ep 5: Listening to the Seas”

The Ocean & Us Ep2: Hero of Malaysia’s Marine Mammals

We talked with wonder woman Dr. Louisa Ponnampalam about her inspiring work to study and conserve Malaysia’s marine mammals, the underdogs that are Indo-Pacific finless porpoises, the need to share knowledge with all, and how she manages to do it all! Learn about her team’s work here and on Facebook!