The Ocean & Us Podcast

The wonder of the ocean,
and the need for all to be included in
enjoying & saving it!

December 2022: We have officially retired this project! Please see Danny’s post here. We appreciate you following this podcast & hope you continue to follow Danny’s work in other formats.

Our goals: To share the wonder and power of the ocean in our human experiences. To share the importance of thoughtful and compassionate inclusion in striving to save it. To share a minimally-speaking autistic’s journey into pursuing his passion for the sea.

We are a brother-sister team based in San Diego, California. Danny is a minimally-speaking autistic & apraxic writer, advocate, and friend who uses Spelling to Communicate (S2C). Tara is a marine conservation researcher who studies coastal communities, marine mammals, and how to make conservation more ethical, equitable, and effective. We share a love for the ocean, and are happy to explore it with our guests and you!


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