Snorkel Log: Sharks and Rays and Guitarfish!

Dear Friends, I am so loving my weekly snorkel outings! I am so lucky to live somewhere with such incredible marine life. I am also lucky to have the support to get out and swim with it! Here is a clip from this week’s outing. So many sharks and rays and guitarfish! It was soContinue reading “Snorkel Log: Sharks and Rays and Guitarfish!”

Back to Summer Snorkel Bliss

Dear Friends,  It is high summer – hot sunny days, invasive crowds, and glorious warm ocean waters! I am back to regular snorkeling after several months’ hiatus. It is easy to get out of the habit, since it is a bit of a drive to our favorite spots, and we are so juggling the manyContinue reading “Back to Summer Snorkel Bliss”