Sea Lions on Parade

Dear Friends,

We are shifting the focus of The Ocean and Us to be more about adaptive ways of interacting with the ocean! We have new interview episodes coming up starting next week. And I will still be sharing my own ocean journey!

Speaking of, yesterday we snorkeled La Jolla Cove. I was so tired because my body has been struggling lately, and the water temperature had dropped 8 degrees since my last time in it over the weekend, but I still wanted to get out there. And Tara’s GoPro got flooded a couple of weeks ago, so you just have to trust me when I say that it was an amazing snorkel! Because 2 curious sea lions swam and swooped right under us! Then they kept playing in the cove as we watched from a respectful distance.

Then we walked along the coast. It was a gorgeous day, and we watched another group of sea lions hanging out and surfing the waves breaking on the point. It was so magical to watch them cavort in the waves, zooming along then leaping and flipping in the air! And there were mama and pup sea lions on the rocks.

Then we went to Children’s Pool to try to see harbor seals, but there were only a couple of them on the sand and then some on the rocks nearby. Tara taught me more about sea lions and harbor seals, and their conservation and behavior and life history. I loved it!

Your Friend,


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