On a beautiful life

Dear Friends,I have started processing more feelings, and poetry has helped. Here is one I wrote on Tuesday. I am so grateful I can express my words. This is about looking through old photo albums in my uncle’s house in Hiroshima. Thank you to Tara for staying up so late taking photos of them. YourContinue reading “On a beautiful life”

About to visit the motherland

Dear Friends, I am so absolutely excited to share that I am leaving this week to visit Japan! I was born there, and it is where I gained and lost speech. We moved to the US when I was just four, in large part to seek “treatment” for autism, the advice given to us inContinue reading “About to visit the motherland”

Waves and Wind and We – Order now!

Dear Friends, It is now up for sale! Waves and Wind and We is my heartfelt book of poems. I am so proud to present it to you, and so eager for it to touch other lives. Please order if you can, and Unrestricted Interest is also offering a digital download for a lower price.Continue reading “Waves and Wind and We – Order now!”

On Love

Dear Friends, I had the most awful few days starting late last week. It was intense dysregulation, so overwhelming and aggressive, and it was scary. Such a letdown after three peaceful weeks. Then I asked for high CBD:THC gummies, which help calm me but also dull my mind, so I am averse to taking themContinue reading “On Love”