Back to Summer Snorkel Bliss

Dear Friends, 

It is high summer – hot sunny days, invasive crowds, and glorious warm ocean waters! I am back to regular snorkeling after several months’ hiatus. It is easy to get out of the habit, since it is a bit of a drive to our favorite spots, and we are so juggling the many moving parts of my schedule. But lately we have been feeling an urgent need to reconnect with the activities and mindsets that bring joy to our lives, and that make living in expensive San Diego worthwhile!  

So we rearranged our weekly schedule to open up one day for ocean playtime! Having an additional support person helps immensely, too, because Tara has more time to focus on work while Shay drives me to my other sessions and spends time as my art mentor. This change has already markedly improved the energy Tara and I have for diving into our work and our adventures together!  

I was so excited about snorkeling today that I woke up at 6 am and couldn’t go back to bed! This is also part of my renewed efforts to get in better shape, which is an important example of the power of having my own voice in my health and lifestyle practices. I was so happy to get to the beach, see the gorgeous blue water, and confidently wade out and then spend time gently swimming along the coast. I saw leopard sharks, so many bright Garibaldi, a stingray, and a sea turtle! And all under the silky smooth surface! 

It is incredible that all this is just in our county! And I need to get out and appreciate it more, especially while I don’t need a wetsuit! It is such a gift to be able to enjoy this.  

Your salty friend, 


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