We are us

Dear Friends,

I am so glowing from Motormorphosis! Wow! I want to share a poem I wrote about how it felt to be in such an accepting community in person. This was my first time at a large public event centered on nonspeaking autistic folks, and it was such a space of understanding and comfort and peace to not worry about whether my dysregulation or stimming was disruptive. I could feel Tara also noticed it, and it was a new feeling to her too to not worry about how people would react to me! (She is normally only worried about my safety and people who are rude to me – she can turn into a real Mama Bear if provoked on my behalf!)

It was an unexpected highlight to the weekend, and I now hope that more events and spaces will evolve to be so accepting. Thank you to the amazing team at I-ASC and the amazing community of people who attended!

Your Friend,


We are us

by Danny Whitty

Among you all

There is a peace

Despite our bodies all so struggling

And it is a new feeling to my heart

New since I first realized I was different

My young self destined for a life

Of stares and shame and shushes

And we all the same in that

And we all so kind to each other

And we all united in accepting ourselves.

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