My Birthday Message

Dear Friends,

Wow, I am 37 today! I decided to re-post the poem I wrote for my birthday last year. I am still so just beginning my life with communication, and this is only my third birthday since having Spelling access in my daily life. Each milestone brings joy, pride, and also gratitude, but also regrets over time lost before I could communicate. I am steadily learning to manage and grow through the regrets. I am so glad I can use my words to help other nonspeaking folks and their loved ones.

I will spend the day with my loved ones, and I am so cherishing the moments we can more deeply share now that I can communicate! The years do indeed seem so bright from here.

Your Friend,


Dear friends of Danny With Words,

Danny suggested that I add my own message to mark his birthday! I am so lucky to have known Danny – my precious little brother! – for 37 years, and I am so grateful that I have been able to support his communication journey over the past couple of years. As his family, we also feel sharp pangs of regret and guilt over time lost before we were able to support communication in his daily life. I use that regret to motivate our drive forward, and to appreciate the life-changing experience of getting to know my brother through his own words. I still can’t quite grasp the marvelous fact that his words now reach hundreds of people regularly!

He is truly my closest ally and soulmate, just the coolest, most wonderful, most thoughtful and caring and funny person ever, and we are already having a fantastic weekend of celebrations! Please join me in wishing Danny a happy, happy birthday!

Your Friend via Danny,



By Danny Whitty

So all my all my all my

Time in this form

Spent in mostly


Purgatory and only now

Am I arrived

And years seem so

Bright from here.

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