The Day After Christmas

Dear Friends,

Happy holidays to all who observe! We had a wonderful Christmas with beautiful outings, delicious food, fantastic gifts, and lots of relaxation. I felt so resilient and joyful, as a much needed contrast to the weeks prior. This was such a relief!

This year I bought a new living Christmas tree for my family. Our old one looked so sad and I want to plant it in the garden. The new tree was a bit hard to find – it seems living trees are not popular here now. It was also a bit expensive. But I insisted on paying for it myself. Why? Because it felt so empowering to be able to do this for my family!

I am so absolutely thrilled that I can make some money here and there with teaching and interviews and presentations. This is huge for me, who until about three years ago had no hope for any meaningful livelihood. Giving to others is one of my absolute favorite parts of being able to communicate and being able to earn some money. It is so important to me to be able to share tokens of love and appreciation!

And I also love being able to be part of shaping a memorable holiday experience. I am so proud of this tree, and each time I look at it and see our ornaments so pretty in it, I feel so full of contentment. We have rarely gotten new trees, as money is not exactly bountiful for us, but sometimes a splurge is worth it!

This was an absolutely lovely Christmas, and I am so delighted with how I felt during it! Sending warm wishes to you all, especially those impacted by the severe winter storm.

Your Friend,


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