Trying to trace the past

Dear Friends,

I am feeling so much better! Recently though, my OCD has flared up especially around trigger foods. This is distressing because I am trying to work on being healthy and the compulsive gorging sabotages that! And I am horrified that sometimes I even am driven to frantically snatch food from the trash.

Today I started to really explore this with my therapist. This is so complex and deeply rooted and sensitive, but it feels so empowering to shine some light on it! I have so much to process and I so feel like it will be helpful even if tough. There is so much that young me has gone through but could not share.

I have asked my mom to help me trace my life experiences and my evolving behaviors, and she is so eager to help. Tara is so supporting me emotionally, too. Even our dogs were snuggled up to us while I shared with my mom. I started smiling and delightedly giggling because I felt so safe and loved and hopeful!

Thank you all for caring and following my journey. It means so much that others can learn from my experiences! That is all I will share for now, but I hope to share more of what I learn.

Your Friend,


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