Happy Earth Day!

Dear Friends,

Happy Earth Day! I am so eager to share my love and wonder for our amazing planet!

A big part of my journey over the past two years has been getting to know Mother Ocean more deeply. But even before that, I have always found solace in nature. And many of my peers in the Spellerverse do, as well. I am so in awe of the beauty and connections and ephemerality and yet endurance of nature.

And I am in awe of the connection my heart feels to it. I am a part of nature, as are all of you. We cannot save nature if we do not save our humanity. The same systems of thinking and working that most hurt nature hurt us too; commodification, disconnection, and lack of mindfulness.

I am so wanting to elaborate more, but I am so low in energy this week. I am so feeling gratitude for this wonderful world, and the opportunities I have had to get to know it. And gratitude for those working earnestly to save it.

Your Friend,


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