The universe is learning

Dear Friends,

I wrote this poem yesterday to try to sort through my feelings and swirling thoughts. It helped to share with my friends at Neurolyrical Café this evening. I share them with you now.

Your Friend,


The universe is learning
by Danny Whitty

What the world is coming to
Coming from
And going to
Will it ever arrive
Anywhere and will
We know?

Are you ready?
Ready for what
And when
And why are we
Needing to be so ready
When there is so much
That we cannot

There are two dogs
Draped on the couch
And across the rug
Snoozing in utter contentment
Contorted in odd poses
And so vulnerable and so dependent
But so trusting all the same.

Bells ringing with the breeze
The loud wind chimes and
The small bells she brought back from Myanmar,
Made for temples but given to her
By someone she used to love
He hung them so nicely here
A rearrangement of how she had placed them impromptu
On the clothesline
Before our father’s wake.

There is an elementary school down the hill
The traffic of cars to drop off and pick up
Is irritating most days
And the idea of being trapped by a child’s schedule
Horrifies her
And we find children to be loud and so needy
In the abstract
But my heart knows they are treasures
Hope and dreams yet untarnished
So vulnerable and dependent
And what do we do with that?

Time is so slippery
At least in this direction
And I don’t quite understand it but
It flows in all directions
And so somehow do we
And all we can do is
At once so small
And yet so immense.

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