Dealing with a lot!

Dear Friends,

I have had some absolutely exciting opportunities and achievements pop up lately! But this also stirs up all sorts of difficult feelings as well, like fear of failure and sadness over time lost and stress. Our brains are so funny!

So I wrote a few poems today about all of this. This one I am sharing is about the years that were wasted in public school special ed, which was particularly mediocre at Poway High School in the late 1990s. I will one day work through my resentment of my “teachers” there, but not anytime soon. Each step forward is a triumph over their prejudices. I am not so petty that this drives me, but it is satisfying all the same.

Your Friend,


How is this all

I am one of the defective

The flawed in design

The pitiful until you can ignore me

Tucked away in the room of

My fellow disposable negligible

Misfits so you don’t have to be bothered

By us by disgust by your own guilt

By the inkling that

What you have been taught about worth might well be


And and and

Now I am here.

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