My essay in Bon Appetit Magazine!

Wow, Friends! I am now a published author! This is so meaningful to me – Bon Appetit and Food & Wine magazines have been an important source of joy and inspiration to me for most of my life! I am over the moon to have my story shared in Bon Appetit!

(The illustration is by Martina Fischmeister)

Please read and enjoy and share! I am so so so proud and thrilled.

Your Friend,


12 thoughts on “My essay in Bon Appetit Magazine!

  1. When I read your article I wept from the beauty of your prose and story and couldn’t wait to track down more of what you had to say. I only regret that Bon Appetit didn’t include your recipe so we could all feel a bit closer to you and Tara in the kitchen. I’m glad your voice is loose in the world.

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  2. Hey Danny – I’ve come to your website via the Bon Appetit article! Absolutely beautiful essay, was wonderful to hear about how you’ve been able to express yourself through food and cooking. And if you ever feel like sharing the recipe to your arugula soup I’d love to have it, sounds absolutely delicious!

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  3. This was a beautifully written article, and my only disappointment was that your recipes aren’t included at the end! How can those of us who also experience connection through cooking learn how to make your clove olive oil cake and garden soup??? Inquiring minds want to know! And thanks for sharing your story with us.

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  4. Hi Danny, I found your blog after seeing this article on Instagram. Thank you for writing this. I have a 10 year old son with autism and reading about your personal journey is eye opening to me. The article is beautifully written. Thank you.

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