New York Triptych

Tara and I had an absolutely fantastic trip to NYC last month. This was our first trip with just the two of us, and so it was a huge milestone for me. We were a bit worried about my regulation, but I usually am so captivated by travel that I am generally more regulated while traveling than at home. This was true for this trip, and Tara was absolutely fantastic at helping me manage my small flare-ups. I feel so much more confident in my regulation and traveling capacity now!

I wrote these poems in Central Park and Bryant Park among such pulsating energy and I hope you enjoy.

New York Triptych

Subways go whoosh

Here energy of crowds

Throbs and heaves

And swirls and its updraft

Lifts spirits and dreams

Above its gritty pavement.

Tourists in a big city

Here I am with you

Far from our native habitat

And in such different surroundings

And immersed in unfamiliar crowds

And yet feeling unifying truths

Whirl around the

Corners of each block.

No time for Times Square

Here we rest among restlessness

Among chaos thinly constrained

By surficial niceties

Among trees that are somehow

Still reaching skyward


Despite their rigid and forced and



2 thoughts on “New York Triptych

  1. Wow! I loved your poems, Danny! They all have a lot of depth to them. I’ve been to New York and I think that you’ve really captured the city. You’re my kind of poet!

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