Food is my passion.

Food is my passion. I love the process of taking ingredients and creating magic. That is such a manifestation of love! That is my romantic view. With apraxia, it is difficult for me to cook on my own. Yet I can still be a part of the process. I am starting to create recipes based on years of studying cooking magazines and cookbooks, and my family’s cooking. And years of studious eating!


Spring to Spring Stew

These days of winter shifting to spring are full of fluctuations and freshness and remnants of coziness. That is my motivation for this recipe. This dish captures the transition from winter to spring. We enjoyed this with panko-crusted vegan “chicken” cutlets, but it would also be nice with a light fish dish. Enjoy! ½ onion,Continue reading “Spring to Spring Stew”

Delish Halloween Treat!

Hi my spooky friends! I have a tasty treat for you today! It is delicious and nutritious. Order your jar today. This was my costume idea! My sisters made it a reality. Franktastic is for my late father Frank. This was my first time designing my costume, and I am so thrilled with it!


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