The world-expanding gift

The people in my life are like my angels! The people in my life are my hope for humanity. They are the manifestation of all that humanity needs to thrive. Their wonderful and vibrant hearts truly are the magic needed to transform our world!

Though it seems so saccharine, this sentiment rings true even upon more intellectual reflection. Beyond their obvious kind and loving natures, they possess true empathy and mindful compassion. This is beyond kindness, beyond caring; this is the genuine effort to understand me and to respect me as a complete person. That is real love in its true form.

Take any problem in our troubled world. I can think of how empathy can improve it. Think of any war. Think of environmental destruction. Think of inequality in all of its forms. These can all be traced to inadequate empathy. The act of empathizing includes not only understanding but also respecting and truly caring about the perspective and experiences of others.  This seemingly simple act is somehow so challenging for many of us without practice! That is such a mystery to me. Thankfully, there are so many resources and inspirational people who can guide us to practice more empathy in our lives!

The act of empathy is one of the most precious and meaningful gifts you could ever give to anyone in your life. Don’t be afraid of the possibility of diving into someone else’s world! And when you do, you might find that your world has grown!

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