Curtains Up

Dear Friends,

Maybe you have heard of the new film MUSIC by Sia. It has been distressing me for a while now, but it was too upsetting to think or talk about. Now that I have read more about it and seen the trailer, I am even more appalled and disgusted and hurt. It is clear that nonspeaking autistics are still viewed as props for the realization of neurotypical “empathy” and growth and little else. I am more than your inspiration. I am a whole and complex and real human, with my own stories that are worthy of sharing. I am my own story in and of myself. I am my own story of hopes and dreams and struggles and triumphs and real experiences. I have so much to share with the world, and being reduced to an inaccurate and offensive empty stereotype feels so devastating. Other nonspeaking autistics are also making their perspectives on this disrespectful movie public, including thoughtful and eloquent statements that I won’t attempt to add to. But to my friends, I ask that you read my words and the words of my peers and allies and share our voices. That is all I want to say for now. Thank you for caring. I will share more links in the coming days.

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