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Dear Friends,

I had the most fun Friday afternoon and night! I so love being out and about, just like any other adult. I love seeing the scenes and people and action in active, lively places. I am so proud of my going out outfits and my emerging style and my growing confidence that I deserve to be out on the town like anyone else.

I am so feeling that those of us who are adults that need support are too infantilized and treated like toddlers. We are not going to be satisfied with childish activities, though we may enjoy socializing with our younger peers. For me, I need culture and interesting restaurants and hip cafes, and I crave time with adult friends who appreciate the same. And I know I am not alone in this!

So as an adult, I had an amazing time out on Friday! We checked out a new Himalayan restaurant for lunch, walked along some astounding stretches of flowers, met my good friends Jeremy and Chantal in Balboa Park for museum and walk and talk time, then out for a truly amazing dinner and chill dessert hangout in Normal Heights, a cool neighborhood with a funky vibe. It was a gorgeous spring evening, and it felt so freeing to be part of a Friday night scene. This is something that I never got to enjoy as a young adult. I am so grateful that I can do so now!

I am so eager to do it again soon! And I know I am not the only adult nonspeaker who feels this pull to enjoy life in this way. I hope one day to have a chance to go out with more nonspeaker adult friends!

Your Friend,


2 thoughts on “Out & About

  1. , are so good at describing the wonderful time and the lovely places that you have visited that I feel I am there with you.Enjoy Enjoy Enjoy all you lucky Guy. X XX

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  2. Hey Danny! This is so cool. I always get a huge smile on my face when I see a new email notification from you in my inbox. Keep on livin’ it up! ________________________________

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