A Special Day

Dear Friends,

It is Tara and my third Fluenciversary today! We started open communication three years ago. Wow! It is hard to believe all that has happened in these years, and hard to grasp all that it has meant. I still have a lot of processing of pre-fluency trauma and it is an ever unfolding road. And my life still has significant challenges, because my disability didn’t disappear with my communication access. But it has been an entirely new existence and a wholly absolutely opening of a life with hope and agency and true community. It is all a lot to convey, but I hope you get a sense of how fundamentally my universe has grown.

I love my sister beyond words, but it is so amazing to be able to tell her with my own words now! She is more than my main communication partner, and I am so grateful to be her brother. I am so proud of all we have done in three short but long years! I love you, my blue skies!

Your Friend,


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