On a beautiful life

Dear Friends,
I have started processing more feelings, and poetry has helped. Here is one I wrote on Tuesday. I am so grateful I can express my words. This is about looking through old photo albums in my uncle’s house in Hiroshima.

Thank you to Tara for staying up so late taking photos of them.

Your Friend,

MUSHROOMS, by Danny Whitty

Spread on the table
An assortment from the forested hills
And she sits smiling
In another shot,
He grins from the thick foliage
A disembodied face among oranges
And then another
And another
Happiness at a waterfall
Beside a hungry greedy deer
At a temple
In front of Mount Fuji
The calm sea in between
All the smiles and love
This yard in its younger days
All spacious and new
It has been a beautiful life
One that I only know
From these all too precious

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