In loving memory of my Papa

Dear Friends,

Among all of my feelings from my trip, I also am all full of memories of my Papa as it was his birthday last weekend. The fourth without his physical presence. Wow, it is hard to grasp!

I am so glad I was able to publish a book of my cherished poems inspired by my life without him here. By “here” I mean in this plane, and not an all-encompassing here. I do feel him with me, and it is so absolutely beautiful, but I miss how it was. It was far from perfect, but it was how it was and I loved it.

I am so touched that many of you have bought my book. It is so meaningful to know that his influence via my poems is still reaching people. If you have read it, please share here or privately how it affected you, or what your favorite poem or lines are from it. I so appreciate you sharing!

For now, I will share an older poem – not in the book – one of my first. It wasn’t included because it was a bit out of character with my more recent and developed writing. But it is so special to me. I hope it moves you!

Your Friend,


SEASIDE VIGIL by Danny Whitty

Walking on the sand I am at peace,

The saltwater puts me at ease.

Waves roaring in my ears,

It brings me to tears.

How will I survive the years

Without you here?

The saving grace is my dreams

Where we dance on moon beams,

Really dance our hearts out

Among the stars and clouds.

The same clouds I see while walking by the sea,

Falling in the water and allowing my soul free,

Doing a dance and a song for you and me

And waiting for eternity.

One thought on “In loving memory of my Papa

  1. This speaks so strongly to me of my own loves who have passed from this life and moved to what I believe is the greater universe. Thank you Danny.

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