Out and about

Dear Friends,

Wow, thank you for your great response to my book! Today, Tara and I are out in North Park, one of my favorite neighborhoods in San Diego. We love the restaurants and coffee shops here! And I love being out and about like any other adult. I love wearing my blazer and cool hat, and being a part of the energy of urban(ish) areas, and not being stuck at home or a glorified daycare program. I am so lucky and grateful that Tara can be my support like this. It is so wonderful to have this access to a relatively autonomous life.

Many of my poems have been written on such outings. It is a dream to be an author, roaming and writing, and I am living it! It is not easy, and takes support and resources, but we are making it happen. We are so lucky in this and I hope it becomes more and more accessible for us nonspeakers in the future!

Your Friend,


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