Waves and Wind and We – Order now!

Dear Friends,

It is now up for sale! Waves and Wind and We is my heartfelt book of poems. I am so proud to present it to you, and so eager for it to touch other lives. Please order if you can, and Unrestricted Interest is also offering a digital download for a lower price. I so appreciate anyone supporting my work!

This is my first book, and it is so meaningful to me. It is a compilation of poems on grief, love, and growth, based on my mourning my dad and at the same time blossoming in communication. I hope these poems resonate with you!

Order hard copy from me: https://www.dannywithwordsstore.com/shop/p/waves-and-wind-and-we

Order digital download from Unrestricted Interest (scroll down): https://www.unrestrictedinterest.com/reading/p/waves-and-wind-and-we-by-danny-whitty

Your Friend,


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