Sadness is heavy these days

Dear Friends,

I have been feeling the heaviness of sadness lately. Not my own, but the sadness of the world. Tara has said the same.

Today, she shared with me news of three people’s passing, not among our close loved ones but still so saddening. One was Christopher Finnes, a young man  who was an advocate for RPM, similar to my method of communication. I never met him, but my heart feels the mourning of our community, and it is so tragic to lose someone so young.

It is so important that we honor his legacy. Our community is growing, but our challenges are so massive, and so much work needs to be done. His time here was so meaningful even if too short, and his work will continue among us.

This fundraiser was started to establish a foundation in his name:

My heart is with his loved ones.

Your Friend,


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