On Love

Dear Friends,

I had the most awful few days starting late last week. It was intense dysregulation, so overwhelming and aggressive, and it was scary. Such a letdown after three peaceful weeks. Then I asked for high CBD:THC gummies, which help calm me but also dull my mind, so I am averse to taking them unless I am desperate.

So I am calmer now, but groggy, and still recovering from it all. I am still not sure if I am better, or just dampened temporarily by the gummies. But at least I can have a break from compulsively screaming and grabbing my mom and going completely nuts. I am grateful for any break.

And today is Valentine’s Day! I don’t have a romantic love in my life yet, but I am surrounded by so much other love. And all I can say about it today is this poem that I wrote this morning. I love you all, and hope you feel loved today!

Your Friend,


In my all so difficult life

by Danny Whitty

The reality is at times so

Sharp cutting slicing

Cross-sections of my constructed dreams

And they collapse folded on themselves

Their weight crushes me underneath

And in this heightened gravity

All that keeps me

All that saves me

All that clears the debris

And lets me start again

Is your love.

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