My Beard

Dear Friends,

You may have noticed that I am growing out my beard. It is my first time really doing it! Wow, I love it. I love feeling it when I am thinking, like an old wise man. I love seeing it in the mirror, and admiring its lush growth. I love having a warm chin!

But I don’t know how to groom a beard. And it makes me really miss my dad. And I don’t know that going to a barber is a good idea, though I am now okay with hair stylists cutting my hair. And my mom and sisters are understandably not so familiar with this!

Luckily, my friend Shay could help me out. He showed me how to clean up my cheeks, and then he and Tara took turns doing it. And Tara managed to quickly stop my impulse to start shaving the actual beard off, which would have made me so sad and frustrated if unchecked. And I feel so dapper now!

This ability to choose and communicate my preferences is so huge to me. It might seem insignificant, but it is so important to have autonomy over my appearance. What I wear, how my hair is cut, what my facial hair situation is – I am so appreciating having a voice on all this. And I am so grateful to have a support team that respects my wishes. And it is so empowering!

Your bearded friend,


One thought on “My Beard

  1. Danny, Thank you for this specific reminder how important it is for parents/CRPs to respect the choices spellers make about their appearance. Your beard is this incredible teaching reminder. Thank you for giving me a visual reminder of how to be respectful. I really appreciate your authentic sharing. With gratitude, Kari

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