Announcing My New Shop!

Dear Friends,

I am beyond thrilled to announce that my online shop is now open!

I am so excited to share my poems and other creative ideas with you in this new way! It is so meaningful also because my opportunities for earning money are limited, and even though I don’t anticipate earning much from this shop, it is still a step toward greater agency.

So here is our Valentine’s Day crop of goodies! I am so happy with how they turned out. The timing is a bit tight, so order soon if you want it in time to share by February 14th! Of course, most of these pieces are still lovely to have year-round.

We printed 25 of each card for this pilot run. We are starting off with free shipping and gentle prices compared to similar products!

Thank you to Tara for turning my ideas into designs, and for handling the logistics. We welcome constructive feedback. We have many more ideas to share!

Please share with anyone who might like these! Thank you so much!

Your Friend,


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