Poem: Our brown bags with colorful tissue

Dear Friends,

Thank you so very much for your kindness with my last post. I am coming out of it, though still feeling very rundown. But I was able to have a lovely day out with Tara a couple of days ago. I had been feeling so low about missing out on the pre-Christmas spirit, worried that my dysregulation would make me miss all of the holiday excitement. So I proposed that we play hooky and go to some cute little spots in South Park while I was feeling okay!

It was so wonderful to enjoy a leisurely day out! I was still a bit on edge but much calmer, and so I could really enjoy without too much fear of going into monster mode. I am so glad we took the time to do that and I am so going to treasure memories from that day of small business present foraging and dining. I am so feeling more in the holiday spirit now!

I hope to reply to comments and messages soon, but I am so wiped today. Thank you for your friendship even though I am limited in my ability to interact more with you!

Your Friend,


Our brown bags with colorful tissue

by Danny Whitty

I dream of our future in some charming European city

Where we walk everywhere and enjoy cafes and bookshops and

Leisurely meals and the energy of savoring life

And I know we will get there but it might take some years

So for now we do our best to

Find that zest that joy that contentment

In the sprawled apart nooks of San Diego

And we indulge in an al fresco tea and cappuccino and croissant

And a wander through a thoughtful boutique

And some poking around a local bookstore

And a lunch surrounded by Christmas decorations

A bit of mineral water and Santas

And a stroll through the park

And I guess we will one day be over there but

Really that contentment is already in our togetherness.

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