In Thanks – a poem

Dear Friends,

Happy Thanksgiving to you all! My life is so rich, ever growing more so. Gratitude is infused into my being, and it is a gorgeous and exhilarating way to live. I am having a bit of a tough day, with some anxiety and OCD and grief for my father; holidays bring up so much. That is also why I love them, though. Those struggles deepen my understanding of the universe. And of course there is a lot of joy and merriment and togetherness! And food!

I am so thankful for our connection and the communication access that makes it possible. And of course I am so grateful for my loving family and our enchanted if often tough lives. Wishing you all so much gratitude and contentment!

Your Friend,


In Thanks

Five around the table again

Somehow seems crowded now

Bustling happy crowded

How we shrink and stretch and flow and grow

Into time multiplying time

A spiral deepening

Into a sort of conclusion

Not the end

But an ever beginning.

by Danny Whitty

One thought on “In Thanks – a poem

  1. Happy Thanksgiving weekend Danny. Thank you for the inspiration, poetry, and photos. Sending love to you and your family.


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