Typing Sabbatical

Danny has been taking November to focus on making progress with autonomous typing, i.e. typing on a keyboard on a stand, without a CRP holding the keyboard. This jump in communication mode is highly challenging and energetically taxing, and Danny realized he needed to scale back on other activities and devote more energy to this goal. Here are 2 of his social media posts on this process!

Announcing his “typernation” (typing hibernation): November 7

Dear Friends,

I am starting a month of focusing more on typing autonomously. This is an important goal for me. But it takes much more energy than having my CRP hold the keyboard. It is hard to explain! This means that I will scale back my activities to budget my energy! This is my first post typed on a stand.

I will still post here but maybe not as frequently as usual. Wish me progress during my typing sabbatical!

Your Friend,


In progress: November 23

Dear friends,

I have so missed you! This typing sabbatical has been so meaningful. I have made so much progress in my autonomous typing and it feels so huge!

It has been so exhausting to make new connections in my body. Not to mention that I have been fighting a cold that has been draining my body. But it is getting easier bit by bit!

My hope is to keep working hard on typing, while resuming more regular posts. It makes me so happy to connect with you all! Thank you for being my cheerleaders!

Your Friend,


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