Springing Ahead!

Dear Friends,

Happy spring to you! At least for Northern Hemisphere folks! I have been having the most full and joyful couple of weeks. It feels like my body is so aligned with my mind, and that is so rare – but it has felt so smooth for many days! And my heart feels so resilient and strong and yet light! I am feeling so present in the moment and so connected to eons.

This is ephemeral like so much else. Dysregulation will come again. But this bliss will also return one day.

This past few days have been extra special. It was St. Patrick’s Day and then St. Frank’s Day – my dad’s birthday! It is an important day of remembrance for our family, and has been full of sadness among the cherished memories. But this year, my cousin Pam and her husband Mike happened to be visiting! My dad must have arranged it. It is the first time I have seen them where I am able to communicate fluently with them. And it is so fantastic to be able to chat with family like that! It makes me feel more connected to my dad’s side of the family, and that means the world to me.

And my friend Shay is here today, and his energy is golden and makes me feel hopeful. And I am so full of memories from the weekend, showing my cousins around the beach and Balboa Park with my sisters, and enjoying lively and delicious meals cooked by my mom at home.

This is a bit of a rambling post, but I wanted to share a snapshot of the gloriously good times. I am so lucky to experience times like this. And I feel more free in the long process of grieving my dad, from having such a wonderful experience on his birthday this year. And I feel so proud to be able to show more of myself to my cousins!

I wish you all such times of joy!

Your Friend,


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