My First Time Teaching

Dear Friends,

I taught my first class today! Wow it was amazing! I am floating with joy and pride. Absolutely so grateful for the opportunity and support that make it possible.

This is the poetry class for spellers hosted by Transcending Apraxia and co-taught by Brian Laidlaw. I had long wanted to start a community of speller poets in San Diego, and this class was my scheme to get it started! And I was so nervous and excited, and on the edge of dysregulation earlier. But as soon as I saw that friends from the speller poetry scene were among the students, I felt so relieved and comfortable and confident. And I was so happy to see new faces, too! And not just San Diego, but all over the US!

The energy was so warm and enthusiastic, and the discussions were so fascinating and fun. And the poetry created and shared was so beautiful! I am so looking forward to the next three sessions! Now, Tara and I are celebrating at Panama 66.

Your Friend,


2 thoughts on “My First Time Teaching

  1. Thank you for offering your poetry course and most of all your authentic sharing. You are a beacon of light in the Spellerverse. As a parent of a Speller I am inspired to continue to help our son when I see and hear your enthusiasm. Please always know that you have a family in us too!

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