Thoughts on My First Resume


I wrote my first resume the other day! It meant so very much to me, and it was an immensely profound moment of reflection. As someone who didn’t have access to communication until my thirties, I had no documented official achievements. No diplomas, no certificates, no published anything. And until a couple of years ago, I had no hope of having such accomplishments on record.  

So to see my very own resume take shape was astounding! Wow. It was so amazing to read through all that I have done in less than two years! My eyes couldn’t believe it! My heart felt so buoyant. I thought back to my hopeless times, and wished that I could go back to hug and reassure past me that this would happen one day.  

I know that our worth isn’t truly linked to our resumes. And I know my most meaningful achievements are not listed on my resume. But it is a representation of all that I can now do. And it makes me feel so moved and proud and so hopeful for my future.  

And I want to highlight that this was only possible because Tara dedicated so much to supporting me. And my family and support team are so important to all that I have done in these two years. I am so grateful I can bloom now with their help! 

This is just the beginning!  

Your Friend, 


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