New Year’s Message & Wish

Dear Friends,

Wow, this year has absolutely astounded me! I have been struggling a lot in the past few days, overwhelmed by anxiety and a swirl of unprocessed feelings and ideas, and whatever my confusing body has been going through. I have been so dysregulated and frustrated!

But when Tara sweetly helped me reflect on my year, and I could get the jumbled thoughts out into writing, I felt the warmth of a sunrise! The dark and difficult parts of my life are real, but so are the blissful and peaceful and joyous parts. I will always struggle in this life, and I will always find and feel beauty and wonder. I am the expanse between the two, as expansive as the universe.

The ability to connect with all of you is such a light in my life. I wish you all a wonderful close to this year, and a new year of hope and health and happiness! Thank you for being my friends.



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