Super Exciting Update: Teva Community (& Matching Campaign!)

Friends! A super exciting announcement: I am a recently-elected member of the board of directors for Teva Community, a fantastic initiative for building community for nonspeaking autistic folks!

We had a wonderful visit to the community site in Prescott, Arizona, last week. I have so much to share, but for now, please read below about a matching campaign running until Friday, December 31, for donations to

More to come soon!

Friends, it is really happening! Everything we have been working towards with building a residential, educational and vocational community for the non-speaking autistic community in Prescott, Arizona is becoming a reality.

Thanks to an anonymous donor we have $50,000 in matching funds to start our initial fundraising towards our phase 1 goal of $1.5 million. Every dollar you donate to Teva Community between now and December 31st will be doubled!

The camp was abandoned 10 years ago and in Phase 1 we will be rebuilding both bath houses, the infirmary, and office, and refurbishing all 12 cabins and the commercial kitchen in the lodge. This will enable us to open our retreat center and run camps for nonspeaking autistic children, adults and their families. We will also be able to run educate-the-educator camps to help teachers and therapists take innovative training methods back to their communities.

Please help us take advantage of this very generous donation.

Please join Joshua and Jake and Kade and Danny and Jeremy and so many others in bringing their dreams to life. Please donate at

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