All the rain

Dear Friends,

Happy New Year!

After feeling amazing during Christmas, I have been very out of sorts for a few days. But I wanted to share this poem. It was written about days like the rainy ones we are having this week in San Diego, washing away 2022.

It is a summary of a big lesson from this last year to not be afraid of the process and unfolding of time and life. This is a lesson I will take into 2023.

Wishing you all clarity and renewal and a wonderful start to this new year!

Your Friend,

ALL THE RAIN, by Danny Whitty

I woke up to the tap tap tap grumble
And vague whooshing and
And this world felt smaller
Gray wrapped tight
Me wrapped tight
Washing washing washing
The debris away away away
And down the hills
And drains and roads and riverbeds
Out to the sea
And me too
Rolling and cascading without fear or anticipation
Just on my way.

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