My Friendship Wish

Dear Friends,

I have been having a tough time since Thanksgiving. I am so trying to figure out why! It seems to happen on the holidays, even though I love them. I am so tired because of it, though thankfully I seem to be calming down.

I got to hang out on Zoom with some of my Speller bros yesterday, and it was so soothing to be in their company, even virtually. No one else can understand like my fellow nonspeaking autistic friends. It is so healing to know others like me, and to be able to comfort and help each other. Even hanging out without communicating by words is so good for my heart.

Friendship with people like me in this disability has changed my life and brought so much joy and comfort and hope and fun! How I longed for it for many lonely and misunderstood years! How amazing to feel now that I have a family of peers around the world to love and be loved by!

I wish all of us such friendships of mutual understanding and care.

Your Friend,


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