Spellebrity Interview!

Thanks to my amazing community, I was selected as the Four-Star Spellebrity for I-ASC’s Spelltember! This is a wonderful honor that I truly appreciate. I was interviewed by my hero Elizabeth Vosseller about my views on communication and inspiration.

The interview is posted here. Below is an excerpt:

“I find so much inspiration from so many. My mother is my most amazing source of strength and love! My late father was my biggest cheerleader, and his spirit keeps me feeling so loved. My older sister is my true ally and soulmate. My younger sister is my best friend and accomplice! They all inspire me with their love, determination, integrity, and joyful hearts.

“My friends are so inspiring, too. My Best Buddy showed me that I am worth befriending. She is so full of happiness and kindness! In my friends, I find truths that I previously had not believed: that people can learn to value me; that my existence is important; that friendship is a powerful thing. They inspire me with their openness and support.

“My community of spellers inspires me to be an advocate for us. We have so much to offer, yet so much to overcome. I am inspired by their stories and triumphs!”

It was wonderful to have a chance to share my views. You are all part of my inspiration!

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