Body, Voice, Vision

I presented this at I-ASC‘s monthly Neurolyrical Cafe in August 2020. This has been on my mind a lot lately. It is a common feeling for autistics like me. Please try to understand.

Body, Voice, Vision by Danny Whitty

That is the boring
worry in my head.
That is the bland
issue on my mind.
That is the stressful
nagging thought that won’t leave.
What is my fate?
What is my future?
Where do I belong?

With my body that
won’t be in line with
my beautiful mind,
With my voice that
won’t speak my words,
With my vision that
sees too much.

What can I do?
am I of any value?
What is my chance
of being loved?

You protest that
I am so loved.
That I am special.
With all you say,
you try to show me
what I mean.

Yet I still feel
that I am alone.
So alone in this

While this ever-present,
ever-mounting bank of fog
rolls in over my budding thoughts.
What is my future?
with my body,
my voice,
my vision?

2 thoughts on “Body, Voice, Vision

  1. Danny, I love your poem. I hear you and I imagine that my son feels the same as he is also a nonspeaking autistic who spells to communicate. Thank you for sharing with us.

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