Tomorrow is Election Day here in the US! It is a little late to share this, but I had a rough few weeks. So here it is, the Spellers and Allies Advocacy Network’s voting blog!

Here is my main quote: “The upcoming election represents more than a partisan battle. It is about human rights and dignity! We are, as spellers, particularly familiar with the dangers of prejudice and bigotry against marginalized people. We who can vote should use our power to shape this country into a more equitable and empathetic and open-minded space. It is a right to cherish and use! If you are overwhelmed by all the options, many organizations post their recommendations and explanations for what to choose! See if organizations you trust and relate to have any such posts or any guides on their social media or websites.” Danny Whitty, Nonspeaking Member of S&A

Please vote if you are able to!

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