Peace and Poetry 2 of 2

Hi again friends! Here are two more of my peace poems and my blurb about peace! Please scroll to see all of the featured works!

I am Danny Kentaro Whitty. I am full of hopes and visions for a more just and peaceful world. As a minimally- and unreliably-speaking autistic, I share these hopes and visions by letterboard. Our autistic experiences and perspectives offer important views on life and love. For me, I can say that my work can show others the wealth of compassion autistics feel despite the challenges we face.

run with angels.
They do not flood
our daily streets.
Yet they
crash and roar
all around the
hearts left

When will justice
Where do their
When will it stop?

When we are
and emboldened.
When we are
with the mission
to stand up
for what is right.
When we feel
those tears
as ours.

Danny Whitty

To gather
What is my upper limit?
What can I tolerate?
What will it take
To survive
The hatred you produce?
The apathy you emit?
The cutthroat interests
That sway your ego?
How can I survive
When I am so lost
In the fray?
Only that in you
Which is true
Can turn
This tide.
That in you
Which is truly
Rooted in
Our common
To gather
Our future

Danny Whitty

2 thoughts on “Peace and Poetry 2 of 2

  1. In my efforts to learn more about social justice Danny, your writings are teaching me. Thank you for giving me your perspectives, your wisdom. And thank you for your beautiful art – your words in poetry. (Love the photo of you and Tara.)

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